Child Custody and Visitation

Child Custody and Visitation


Child Custody and Visitation

Manassas Child Custody Attorneys Serving Prince William County
The Manassas child custody attorneys of Farrell & Croft, P.C. have a reputation for delivering the best possible outcome for our clients and their children. Child custody and visitation issues can be some of the most challenging in the practice of family law. Parents often have different approaches to child-rearing. Often the differences are due to their varied personal experiences and views related to discipline, religion, education, and supervision. Therefore the goal is to reach an acceptable compromise or a blending of the practices that best serve the needs of the child.

Virginia Child Custody Law

Custody has two components: legal custody and physical custody.

Legal custody refers to decision-making responsibility for the children. As a result, a parent charged with the responsibility for making legal decisions for or on behalf of the children, possesses sole legal custody. Notably, Virginia law generally favors joint legal custody.

Physical custody refers to the amount of time that each parent spends with his or her children. As a result, the parent that spends more physical time with the children has primary physical custody. So, the parent with less physical time is referred to as having visitation with the children. If both parents spend significant time with the children, the parents share physical custody.

The best interests of the children is the paramount consideration. The bests interest of the children is defined in the child custody factors required under Virginia law and will be considered by the court when determining legal and physical custody. Parents are encouraged to put the needs of the child first which often results in some compromise on their parenting practices.

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